Ive Never Been More In Love With Anyone Than I Am With Him <3 He Makes Me Realize That We All Have That One Person To Hold Yer Head Up When Its Too Heavy , That Person To Kiss Away All The Pain And Hold You When All The World Is Too Much To Handle <3 He Is My Everything And I Love Him <3 09232014KS

Rid Myself

Let me go.
Free me of this pain. Free me from this agony.
Loving you was never supposed to be this Way. It was never my intention.
Free me of this curse that binds me to You. That rips my heart to shreds each Time I try to escape.
Free me of this everlasting hold and Embrace you have me in.
I have nothing left to give. I have Nothing left to give. You have deprived Me of my sanity .
You have taken the last ounce of hope That hides deep within me. The hope I Needed to believe that I could be free. Free of ridding myself of you.
Perhaps this is the end. Perhaps this is What my life will be. Loving you endlessly
My heart, body, and soul say yes. But my Head tells me this will be the death of Me.

But I can’t . It is you that I crave more than life itself.
You that makes my heart flutter and my blood boil.
You that leaves me breathless with the lightest touch of your lips.
For you my love , no matter how much I fight .
Never will I rid myself of you .